Album Review: Reverend & the Makers – @Reverend_Makers


One thing we’ve always enjoyed about the Reverend and The Makers is the fact that with one of their records, you’re always in for a good time, and @Reverend_Makers does not disappoint in the slightest. Here at The View From The Music, we love it! However, since bursting on to our music scene with the flamboyant and punchy ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’ the band haven’t had it too easy, their second album ‘A French Kiss In the Chaos’ didn’t reach the heights of ‘The State Of Things’ and since then band members have come and gone and there was even a doubt cast against the future of the band. But with this album any doubt has been completely dismissed.

The album itself consists of twenty tracks and twenty tracks that take you on a journey, it’s a Friday night journey, the week is over and you are bouncing. We begin with ‘Bassline’ which is a fantastic track (and might even still be a free download at that forces its way through your ears and makes your head nod back and fourth like the Churchill dog on MDMA. Expect to hear it at a rave near you. The rest of the album follows the roaring stall that ‘Bassline’ sets out and your feet won’t be able to resist tapping themselves into oblivion throughout. The only time you’ll be able to come up for air is during the beautiful sombre moment that we have in the romantic ‘Yes You Do’. There’s also some fine contributions from music legends Richard Hawley and Carl Barat on tracks ‘Faster, Faster’ and ‘Acid House Wife’ respectively.

Check out the album, its featured on Amazon and is only £3.99 for a limited time so be sure not to miss out!

Album Highs: Bassline, Acid House Wife, The Wrestler, Sister Midnight

The View From The Music…. 8/10  (Welcome back the REVEREND)

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