Track Of The Day : The Shindys – Ambition

Track Of The Day : The Shindys – Ambition

Our Track Of The Day once again comes from a band from Sheffield! A young and upcoming band that, in our opinion, has a big future. The track itself is called ‘Ambition’ and much like ourselves, The Shindys are ambitious!

The track is a brand new release and is available on the iTunes today and I fully recommend you part with that 79p to give them some support and give your music collection something new and a refreshing sound! Trust us, they’re good! We can’t quite nail their sound but if you like anything from Vampire Weekend to the Coral or a bit of The Drums, you’ll sure like The Shindys! All the best lads!

The song would be a great song to listen to in the sun (although the weather is letting us down).

They are offering a free download on their Facebook so check that out too! :

Twitter : @TheShindys

Check out one of their gigs coming up too if you’re in the area!


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