Track Of The Day: Euphoria Audio – Gravity

Despite being unsigned, these four lads from Wakefield have caused a bit of ‘euphoria’ in the underground rock world.

Now we’ve got that out of our system!:
The first thing to know is that when you press play on the brilliant video above, Euphoria Audio sound like a well established modern rock band that have been around for years. It’s hard to believe that they are unsigned. They are backed by a fantastic, and huge, fan base known as the ‘EUAU Army’ or if you’re a twitterer you’ll come to know them as the #euauarmy.

As we’ve already mentioned, Euphoria Audio have a very astute sound, they’ve played to audiences in Hollywood and worked with some brilliant producers and here at The View From The Music, we can definitely see them breaching the big time sooner, rather than later.

This track was our favourite, but if you want to check out more and decide for yourself, you can here! :

If you love a bit of rock or popular rock, these guys are definitely for you!

Let us know what you think of Euphoria Audio, are you the latest member of the EUAU Army?

All the best lads!


The View From The Music


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