WEEK ONE -Track of the Week Winners – DEAD SONS


Congratulations to the Dead Sons! You are our winner of our first ever Track Of The Week with ‘Junk Room’.

The Dead Sons burst on to the local music scene in 2010 with a performance at Sheffield’s now well established free music festival, Tramlines. The band have since gone from strength to strength in the underground music scene and this is purely down to their unique style and sound.

After playing to a capacity crowd at the Tramlines festival, the Dead Sons selected the Montgomery Theatre in Sheffield as the venue to release their brand new single ‘I Am The Lord’, which was proceeded by a UK tour. The single itself was released on a 7″ White Label vinyl and was very well received by their fans.

Following the success of the first single, the band decided to release our favourite, ‘Junk Room’ which they made available as a free download for their fans.  The release ‘Junk Room’ coincided with the Dead Sons being hand-picked by Sheffield giants, the Arctic Monkeys for their extra special homecoming show at Don Valley Bowl. This was the Dead Sons biggest show to date, playing in front of 10,000 people!

The boys from Sheffield have also released a track called ‘Berlin’ as a single, available as a free download. Since then, the band have gone on to release a fine E.P. called ‘Boom Boom’ which was accompanied by a UK tour in the Autumn of last year.

Recently the band have released another single, ‘Room 54’ on 7″ vinyl which is available from their website, check it out here!


We’ll bring you a review of the single once our copy reaches us, and hopefully we’ll be getting together with the band for a drink and a chat some time in the not to distant future!

Keep up the good work lads!


The View From The Music


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