The Vaccines Play To 100 In Small Pub In Hackney

On Thursday 21st June, The Vaccines announced that they would be playing a sort of homecoming gig the next day at a pub in their birthplace, Hackney. The pub was called the Sebright Arms and tickets would be limited to the first 100 people in the queue at 5pm. Fortunately for us, we got down there at about 3.30pm and to our surprise there wasn’t many people there. After queueing for around an hour and a half, we got our wristbands and entered the pub. And after a few pints and a burger we were ushered downstairs into an overwhelmingly small venue and instantly realised that this was the last time anyone would ever see the Vaccines in this small -a-venue.

One word that would some up the night would be, sweaty. The ceilings were low, the walls were narrow and the band were excellent.

They kicked off the set with their latest release ‘No Hope’ which sparked an animated reaction from the small audience. The band also made the special night, extra special, by presenting the audience with an exclusive run through of tracks from their new album, released in September, The Vaccines Come Of Age. The Vaccines gave a bass-laden new song ‘Ghost Town’ its first public showing and also played ‘Teenage Icon’, ‘Weirdo’, and ‘Bad Mood’. All were received exceptionally well by the audience which demonstrates that the forthcoming album is definitely one to be excited about!

The Vaccines also rip-roared through the classic first album tracks which made sweat drip from the walls and ceiling and completely blow their audience away. Tracks such as ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’ and ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ created a sea of moshing, dancing and head banging, completely unseen in a venue of this size. Before playing ‘If You Wanna’, Justin paid tribute to how far the band have come by saying that they “used to play venues of this size 3 or 4 times a week” to which followed huge applause and then a ferocious sing-a-long.

There was time to come up for air during the romantic ‘Wetsuit’ and ‘All In White’ which were also greeted with a brilliant sing-a-long before the band closed with ‘Norgaard’ which saw Justin leap into the audience and be so close to the fans that have made them so popular.

It was a fantastic night that was enjoyed by all 100 viewers in the crowd, including a certain Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles. Every single person left the venue with the expectation that the Vaccines are only going to go on from strength to strength in the future.

The full setlist:

  1. No Hope
  2. Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)
  3. Tiger Blood
  4. Wetsuit
  5. Teenage Icon
  6. Ghost Town
  7. Post Break-Up Sex
  8. All In White
  9. Weirdo
  10. If You Wanna
  11. Bad Mood
  12. Norgaard


The View From The Music.


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