Album Review: The Technicolors – Listener

The Technicolors, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona in America have released their debut album called ‘Listener’. The band were one of the first to follow us on the Twitter and we took a listen and we have never looked back! We streamed their album online and then immediately went to download it because it is brilliant. We featured ‘Sweet Time’ as our Track Of The Day last week.

To be honest with you, and I hope the don’t mind us saying this, but there is something very British about the Technicolors. They’re like how you’d imagine Oasis’ evil twin, heavier with less pop and more rock and roll.

The album itself consists of 10 tracks and 1 bonus. These tracks take you on a journey back to the 60’s when rock and roll was at its peak. The Technicolors take everything good from the 60’s and present it to us with a good slice of 90’s swagger thrown in for good measure. ‘Listener’ opens with the track ‘Again’ and serves as a catchy, rocky opener that really sets the stall out for the rest of the album. Our favourite track is ‘Sweet Time’ which is something of a rock ballad. The vocals are bluesy and the riffs are gritty, all of which culminate in making an album as exciting as ‘Listener’. The Technicolors also display their romantic crooner persona through the sombre bonus track ‘Wicked Game’.

The band are currently unsigned, but we doubt that will last for long and we hope to see them on our side of the water very soon!

This is a terrific album for the summer and honestly, if you like your Brit-Rock, you will love the Technicolors and ‘Listener’.

Album highlights : ‘Sweet Time’, ‘Alive Ever After’, ‘Where Will We Go’

The View From The Music… 8.5/10   –  It’s so hard to believe they’re unsigned!


All the best lads and congratulations on making an album that we can’t turn off!


The View From The Music.


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