Classic Album Review: The Strokes – Is This It

The Strokes debut album ‘Is This It’ came out way back in 2001 and to this day is considered one of the greatest debut albums of all time and we would consider it somewhat genre defining. Renowned for its garage sound, the album has spawned many bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines to site it as a key influence within their music. The album was released on RCA Records and was met with a mass of critical acclaim, worldwide. Since then The Strokes have released 3 other successful albums and will hopefully continue to do so into the future!

Despite the album being pretty alternative compared to the music scene at the time, it burst onto the mainstream and The Strokes became one of the biggest bands in the world as a result.

‘Is This It’ is everything great about rock music in one album. Theres whining solo’s, bass-laden riffs, pounding drums and Julian Casablancas’ frighteningly sexy voice filled with attitude and emotion make this album an instant classic. There are moments were you want to dance around and sing-a-long like a person possessed like during cult hit ‘Last Nite’ and there are moments were you just want to grab the nearest person and give them a hug like during album opener ‘Is This It’. Lyrically, much akin to Arctic Monkeys debut ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’, the band sing about what it is like to live in the modern world through tracks such as ‘The Modern Age’ and ‘Barely Legal’ which talks about a girl that has just reached the age of consent.

Two tracks that we particularly enjoy off of the album, are the romantic and swooning ‘Someday’ that takes you on an emotional roller coaster itself by claiming that “we’ll miss the good old days” and reminisces about being young. Our other favourite is album closer ‘Take It Or Leave It’.

Despite the album being 11 years old, we are satisfied that it has the shelf life to please many a generation to come!

Did you know? – That in the North American version of the album the song ‘New York City Cops’, where Julian claims the NYPD “ain’t to smart”, was replaced after the 9/11 attacks because the band believed that the police performed well!

And a big thank you to Abigail for choosing this album for us to review, follow her on the Twitter @fiveohfive

The View From The Music… 9/10

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The View From The Music


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