The Wet Nuns Leave Our Black Heart Craving More

Two weeks into our existence and sometimes you might be left wondering what started this whole idea off, well to be honest the answer isn’t all that complicated. The fact is that the Wet Nuns themselves are part of the reason that inspired us to get The View From The Music up and running. Why? The simple fact is that we’ve been listening to the Wet Nuns since about the turn of the year, we’ve bought a T-Shirt and we bought their vinyl on Record Store Day but as much as we like them, we can’t bare to listen to ‘Heavens Below’ and ‘Throttle’ any more than we already have. We need some more fucking tunes. Basically. And hopefully, The View From The Music will encourage you to go out and download music, go to gigs buy their merch, get them noticed so that we can have a few more recordings!

The Wet Nuns have been to London a few times since we’ve been listening and for one reason or another we’ve ended up coming up with pathetic excuses as to why we haven’t been there. We finally took it upon ourselves to buy tickets for last night (£3, bargain!) at the Black Heart in Camden and as expected, the Sheffield two piece did not disappoint in the slightest. Despite us only ever hearing two tracks prior to the gig, it’s made us look forward to more. We thought that ‘7 Year Itch’ and ‘No Death’ particularly stood out alongside familiar tracks ‘Heavens Below’ and set closer ‘Throttle’. There was even time for the Yorkshire lads to show off a bit of their sense of humour by claiming they don’t talk much, which preceded them talking quite a lot and inviting the guests to jump in the back of the car at the end of the night for a Q and A session. And hopefully when we’re a bit more prepared, we’ll be able to have a pint and a proper chat with them ourselves.

We managed to catch the lads before their set to grab a hold of one of their 7 inchers (Their vinyls you dirty bugger) which they graffitied for us and will be the prize for our first ever competition. Details coming up over the next few days on how you can win your own little piece of history!

The night also provided support from Pants Nest and Godzilla Black who were equally entertaining and we’re going to do some digging into them to bring you some of their stuff!

The Wet Nuns Setlist as follows:

  1. 7 Year Itch
  2. Don’t Wanna See Your Face No More
  3.  All The Young Girls
  4.  No Death
  5. Heavens Below
  6. Laura
  7. Throttle.


Here’s ‘Heavens Below’:









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