Just To Keep You In The Loop!









Dear wonderful audience!

WordPress run a system where you can apply to run ads on the site, and we have been accepted!

This is kind of good news as it means we’ll be able to make a little bit of cash from the site in order to go to those extra gigs and download that extra music in order to bring it to you!

On the other hand, there’ll be an ad on the page that you’re reading. However, from what we’ve seen, they’re not taking over the site!

BUT, this is only a trial, they can be removed instantly but we want you to have your say first! So tell us if you think the ads are annoying, barely noticeable or whatever!

Please comment below, through the Twitter, the Facebook, the Tumblr or through theviewfromthemusic@live.com

Thank you, this would be much appreciated – and no, this is not us selling out!!!

The View From The Music. xx


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