Track Of The Day: Spiritualized – Little Girl

Spiritualized are a culmination of the current indie climate, they represent the emotional side of music. They’re romantic, idyllic yet exciting and we love them. They’re something akin to the melancholic anthem like chorus’ of Arcade Fire and the ever popular Bon Iver. ‘Little Girl’ is the second single offering from their latest album ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’ which is out now and definitely worth a listen! Spiritualized flirt with something almost gospel, provoking the spiritual with angelical vocals and cleansing our minds with relaxing beats. The track is accompanied by a brilliant video directed by Vincent Haycock which features the protagonist endure some tough and character building scenarios.

Spiritualized are definitely ones to watch this year when they embark on an extensive UK tour including a night at the Roundhouse in London.

The track is officially released on the 6th of August and is available for download, or our favourite format, vinyl.


The View From The Music. xx


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