Eugene McGuinness Invites Us To The Voyage At The Lexington

Last night at the Lexington in Islington, London, was the third time we’ve seen talented London singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness and it was the third time he has blown us away. However, out of the three, this was his night, his big night! Having sold out the venue we expected Eugene to play a longer set than we have seen in the past to which he certainly did not disappoint. Playing a host of new material from eagerly anticipated new album ‘Invitation To The Voyage’ and dipping into his back catalogue too. The night could be summed up in one word, sweaty. The venue was hot, his baying audience were dancing and singing along to the familiar tracks and by the end, the walls were dripping.

Having almost run out of superlatives following our review of the show the The Macbeth, we’ll try to keep this one short!

Eugene himself acknowledged the fact that the audience might be unfamiliar with some of the tracks he and his band played during the set however, in our opinion this did not show. The audience thoroughly welcomed the new material with foot-tapping, head-nodding and shoulder-shaking. The set opened with a track called ‘Japanese Cars’ which is featured as the closer on the new album and it sounded excellent. Following in the footsteps of his similarly swaggering, experimental and delightfully poppy tunes, ‘Japanese Cars’ is definitely something to look forward to.

‘Harlequinade’ which was recently our viewers choice for Track Of The Week also received an airing, it’s brilliantly whitty with an anthemic chorus and is a sure fire treat when played live. Older yet still ever popular ‘Fonz’ was played before Eugene dipped back into ‘Invitation To The Voyage’ with ‘Videogame’ and ‘Joshua’. ‘Sugarplum’, is fast becoming one of our favourite live songs with its superbly catchy beat and delightful witticisms demonstrates everything we love about Eugene’s work in one song. The track could have come straight out of another decade and landed in this or vice versa. Eugene also played the vintage sounding ‘Those Old Black And White Movies Were True’ after claiming it was “time to shred” after reaching for his guitar. This was a real treat, it was beautiful, romantic and something that reminded us of Pulp’s ‘Bar Italia’ and we certainly hope it sticks!

The set was closed with a stalwart performance of the groove train that is ‘Thunderbolt’ and the bad-ass 60’s inspired ‘Shotgun’. Before leaving the stage Eugene and his band thanked the audience to which they received a rapturous applause. However, there was time for a small encore featuring pule racing, adrenaline pumping dance-a-thon, first single ‘Lion’.

This was Eugene McGuinness’ night, the night he and his act came of age and established themselves as one of the most powerful forces in the Brit-pop world for years to come.

To pre-order a signed copy of the new album ‘Invitation To The Voyage’ please visit here. Its out on the 6th August and we simply cannot wait. Stay tuned for our exclusive review!

The Full Setlist: 

  1. Japanese Cars
  2. Harlequinade
  3. Fonz
  4. Videogame
  5. Joshua
  6. Sugarplum
  7. Those Old Black And White Movies Were True
  8. Dolphins Were Monkeys
  9. Thunderbolt
  10. Shotgun
  11. Lion
Image courtesy of Domino Records

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