Track Of The Day: I Am Harlequin – Because He Loves Them Both

At The View From The Music, we are agents of a chaotic bit of rock and roll, a politically motivated two fingers or somebody who likes throwing TVs through windows and driving cars into swimming pools in their spare time. But every so often, along comes a bit of indie pop that makes us want to kick back and change those degenerative ways – Spiritualized, Eugene McGuinness and our latest conquest, I Am Harlequin.

I Am Harlequin is the alter-ego of fiercely-talented singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer Anne Freier. It has to be said that I Am Harlequin is a very exciting act, with dramatic pop-classical-electronica arrangements backed by a beautiful soulful voice it is obvious that she has a big future ahead. She has created an eclectic mix of everything gratifying about the current pop climate and pressed it with a huge I AM HARLEQUIN stamp, to which we envy and admire! Well done Anne!

The above track is taken from her new EP called ‘Craze’, which is available here 


The VIew From The Music. xx


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