Album Review – Mutineers – Friends, Lovers, Rivals

The Mutineers are a truly brilliant indie band from Manchester. To date, the band haven’t quite broken through to the ‘big time’ despite support slots with Pete Doherty and The View but surely it is only a matter of time before their day arrives. Their debut album ‘Friends, Lovers, Rivals’ in our opinion, is currently serving as one of the genres best kept secrets which we intend on helping expose! The band specialise in melancholic indie pop that is something akin to the anthemic Arcade Fire, the disconsolation of The Smiths and the infectiousness of The Cure. The album deals with those relationship issues, which admittedly we’ve all had at one time or another! The band wear their hearts on their sleeves and this beautiful notion shines through their heartfelt lyrics and sombre melodies. The highlights of the album include the emotionally explicit “Shadow Kisses” and “My Landlord’s Daughter”. The album is definitely one for fans of true British music and we urge you to get out there and buy it from here!

The View From The Music is…. 9/10 – It’s an excellent album that is a must for any fan of true British music.


The View From The Music

Image courtesy of The Mutineers Facebook page.


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