Top 5 Arctic Monkeys Tracks

To celebrate our ‘Sheffield: Music City’ feature, we thought we’d bring you a run through of our favourite tracks from your favourite band from Sheffield. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment below!

5. R U Mine?

Although this is the latest release form the band, it is without doubt one of their finest, maturest rock’n’roll effort and will be a sure fire favourite when the band return to the UK to tour. Recorded in Sheffield with producer Ross Orton, it demonstrates how far the band have come in just four studio albums.

4. Fright Lined Dining Room

Despite this only being a b-side to Cornerstone, we believe this is one of Arctic Monkeys finer efforts and sums up the ‘era were they went west’. The band went out to the desert with Josh Homme to record third record ‘Humbug’, which you can read our review here.

3. Brianstorm

Following the acclaim that debut ‘Whatever people Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ received, the band had a point to prove. This point was the swift release of second album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ and lead single ‘Brianstorm’. ‘Brianstorm’ is a thunderous track which blew away any doubt that Arctic Monkeys might have been one album wonders.

2. 505

Taken from the same album as ‘Brianstorm’, ‘505’ serves as a bookend to that thunderous opener. It shows off the crooner side to lead singer Alex Turner that we have grown accustomed to and serves to tell a story of love and separation whilst out on the road. Since its release, it has become one of the Monkeys most iconic tracks and closes most of the bands sets. If the track was aimed at someone, they surely must have melted when they heard it!

1. A Certain Romance

This is one of those unmistakable indie anthems. Released as the album closer to that famous debut record, the song charts a relationship between friends that can become strained at times but fundamentally remains unbreakable. ‘A Certain Romance’ is steeped in Alex Turner’s outlook of Sheffield life and is an iconic anthem for the city.

We’ll bring you our favourite PULP tracks shortly!

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