Top 5 Pulp Tracks

Following on from our Sheffield: Music City feature and our favourite Arctic Monkeys tracks, here’s a selection of our favourite Pulp numbers, agree or disagree? Comment below or on the Twitter page!

5. Sheffield: Sex City

You might have missed this one as it was only released as a b-side to ‘Babies’. It’s eight minutes long and explicit in nature. Make sure you give it a listen.

4. The Fear

Serving as the opener to what we believe is Pulp’s dark album ‘This Is Hardcore’. The opening track ‘The Fear’ really sets the stall out for the rest of the album, it’s dark, it’s haunting and it’s mysterious. We believe that the album is Pulp’s best offering.

3. Do You Remember The FIrst Time?

We think that this is always going to make it into any kind of Pulp top track listing. It is plainly one of their finer tunes and helped the Britpop ensemble into the spotlight with album ‘His’n’Hers’. It’s a treat and one that will definitely get your hips shaking in a Cocker-esque fashion.

2. Common People

This is THE song. It’s a must for any collection. Many would rank it as Pulp’s best effort because of it’s mainstream success but we believe that there is better…

1. This Is Hardcore

YES. It’s the title track off of our favourite album. It’s slick, it’s down right sexy and has more cheek than a nudist convention. For us, this song is symbolic of everything we love about Pulp, check it out!

Pulp have just announced a homecoming gig on December the 8th at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, you should definitely go!

Next week we’ll be taking a look at the music of Manchester!


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