High Five!

In no particular order, here’s some of our favourite tracks that we’ve discovered recently:

Tie One On – If You Want My Love

Having recently embarked on Tie One On through the track F.E.A.R. we’ve discovered that we really enjoy the blues. Tie One On produce such an original sound that is accessible to a vast audience and listening to them, really makes you want to pick up a guitar and join in!

Sub Couple – Sub Stomp

Everyone loves a bit of rock’n’roll don’t they? Of course! How about with a bit of psychedelic edge? Then look no further, Sub Couple are the ones for you. We’re looking forward to seeing them live in the future, we’ll bet you five that they put on an unmissable show!

The Verdict – Days Are Speed

The quicker ones amongst you will know that we have already featured this track through our Track Of The Day feature. Why feature it again you ask? Well just sit back and listen, you’ll understand!

The North – Shotgun Lover

It is imperative that you listen to this track. It’s down and dirty and ready for business. The band, hailing from Chesterfield have just released their EP which we fully recommend you download form Sound Cloud right now!

Euphoria Audio – Gravity

Euphoria Audio are one of those bands that can only go from strength to strength, look at them! They sound excellent, have a loyal mass following and shoot videos like this. It won’t long before these lads swap living in Yorkshire for penthouse apartments in New York.

Image appears courtesy  of Euphoria Audio and Facebook.com


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