Review: Eugene McGuinness – Invitation To The Voyage

If you follow us closely on the Twitter you will know that we’ve already had Eugene McGuinness new album for around a month now and if you follow our site you will know we are big fans. We’ve seen him live a hatful of times including shows at London’s Macbeth and Lexington. For us, ‘Invitation To The Voyage’ has been one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2012 and our anticipation has certainly not set us up for disappointment.

If you’re unfamiliar to the future indie-pop phenomenon, Eugene has had one full solo-release before this – the friendly and airy self-titled debut, ‘Eugene McGuinness’ which is well worth 40 minutes of your time. Hailing from London, Eugene spent time studying in Liverpool before embarking on his music career. He released an EP on Domino division ‘Double Six’ before being snapped up by our friends ‘Domino Records’ themselves. Having taken a break from his own career, Eugene toured with Miles Kane as his session and live guitarist. Eugene McGuinness is back and this latest release, for us, represents a huge step in musical-maturity for our future star.

Isn’t it special when you find an album and you enjoy every single track? Eugene McGuinness has achieved this with ‘Invitation To The Voyage’. You’ll be gripped from the moment you press play on the anthemic chorus filled Harlequinade right through to the final hip-shaking seconds of Japanese Cars. Something that will undoubtedly grab you by the scruff of the neck and pin you up against a wall like a high school bully is Eugene’s natural flair for words. Our favourite comes during Sugarplum – ”I should have said it when I had credit, I should have just let it all out”. These witticisms are constant throughout and are backed by supreme indie pop compositions from his excellent band. Although we’ve already heard four out of the ten tracks of the album, the arrangement keeps them fresh and you will still enjoy the foot tapping Lion, the bad-ass Shotgun, the anthemic Harlequinade and the groove-train that is Thunderbolt.

Along with those familiar tracks, Sugarplum and Japanese Cars provide the very best moments of the album which really, are only the tip of the iceberg because as we’ve mentioned, the album is collectively brilliant!

The View From The Music – 9/10 – The best piece of indie-pop since Pulp’s 1995 album Different Class. Eugene McGuinness has all the makings of someone who can be regarded as indie-royalty and Invitation To The Voyage is an indie-pop masterpiece that has quenched the dire thirst for music of this genre.

Released on Monday 6th August on vinyl, CD and download from Domino Records – buy it here!

Stream it below!


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