Eugene McGuinness Can Be Proud Of His Show In Camden

So last night was the fourth time we’ve seen Eugene McGuinness in the current era, at the Barfly (Which now feels like way back when), at the Macbeth and his headline show at the Lexington. And if you’ve read our reviews beforehand you’ll understand how much we appreciate his live act because of its quality and consistency. Once again, last night did not disappoint. After racing half way across London from another gig to be there, the rushing, sweating and panting were all made worth it once Eugene and his band took to the stage. At the moment he’s on a bit of a whistle-stop ‘Invitational’ tour around London and this is the second show that he’s played since the release of his fantastic album Invitation To The Voyage.

Each time we’ve seen a live performance from Eugene McGuinness it is evident that he has grown in confidence and is very proud of the material he’s producing for us. The show kicked off with album opener (and one of our favourites) ‘Harlequinade’ which was voted by you as our Track Of The Week some time ago. After racing through one of his more rockier titles and lead single ‘Lion’ Eugene treated us to anthemic and atmospheric renditions of ‘Videogame’ and ‘Joshua’.

The hip-shaking ‘Sugarplum’ received an airing before the only “vintage” Eugene McGuinness track of the night, ‘Fonz’. Live regular ‘Dolphins Were Monkeys’ was also present – which we really want him to record!! – as it is an excellent rework of an Ian Brown tune which he makes his own. Familiar set closers, the groove train that is the ‘Thunderbolt’ struck us as well as being blown away by the bad-ass ‘Shotgun’.

The only downside to the show was that the shackles of time proved to be too heavy (Through no fault of Eugene’s of course!) and the show was short, but oh so sweet!

The Setlist:

  1. Harlequinade
  2. Lion
  3. Videogame
  4. Joshua
  5. Sugarplum
  6. Fonz
  7. Dolphins Were Monkeys
  8. Thunderbolt
  9. Shotgun

All the above images are property of The View From The Music.


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