Laurie Ann Layne Rocks Nashville With “Local Honey” (Free Download!)

NASHVILLE, TN – Independent Nashville rock n’ roll / blues artist Laurie Ann Layne has just upped the ante in the rock n’ roll revival that is gripping Nashville, TN.

Originally from Queens, NY, Laurie Ann has transcended genre time and again. In 2006 she lending her vocals to Grammy Award winning artist India Arie’s “Heart Of The Matter” for Motown Records.

After teaming up with Nashville rocker Stacey Blood on his upcoming single “Mirage” and directing two of his music videos, Laurie Ann Layne now kicks down the doors and steps through with “Local Honey”. This venomous back beat driver that focuses as much on the “roll” as the “rock”, establishes Laurie Ann Layne as a force to be reckoned with in Nashville’s organic rock n’ roll scene.  “Local Honey” is the lead release of her coming EP due out this winter.

Available Commercially:  
iTunes and
Free Pre-Release Download:



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