Live: MILES KANE Sets V Festival Ablaze!

Following the split of The Rascals in August 2009, Miles Kane has embarked on what can only be described as an astonishing solo career. Granted, the fame and attention Kane received as one half of The Last Shadow Puppets has helped but over the last 18 months, he has really gained his own identity. He released a very solid debut album in ‘Colour Of The Trap’ and has backed it up with a maturer accomplished single in ‘First Of My Kind’. For Miles Kane, the sky is the limit.

One of the most attractive aspects of Kane’s solo career, apart from his jeans, is his live show. From seeing him perform with The Rascals back in 2009, to his tiny introductory show at the Monto Water Rats in November 2010 through to his massive headline shows and colossal festival slots all around Europe, Kane has never let us down. Guaranteed to put a huge grin on your face and make you sing along until you can’t feel your vocal chords, time spent going to see him perform is time well spent. And the same can be said about his performance at V Festival.

Entering the stage with the usual spring in his step and opening with the mod-pop-tastic riff laden ‘Rearrange’, the crowd knows it’s in for a treat! Blazing through the song, Kane encourages the crowd to get involved with the ‘Let It Outs’ that precede the huge belting chorus. ‘Kingcrawler’ is met with a similar bouncing mentality as the crowd joins in with the chanting before Kane and his band let rip with the foot stomping love cover up ‘Better Left Invisible’. Before the latest trumpet clad single ‘First Of My Kind’, Kane claimed he was ‘very excited to be here’ but with his unparalleled optimism and enthusiasm, isn’t he excited to be everywhere?

After gliding through ‘My Fantasy’, the sexy ‘Happenstance’ and powering through the Jaques Dutronc classic ‘Le Responsible’ which incidentally, Kane has really made his own, the crowd launch into a frenzy with sing-a-long favourite ‘Quicksand’. Kane draws the set to a close with his first single ‘Inhaler’ which is met with mosh-pits and a large amount of bouncing and arm waving from the crowd. Arguably the best is saved until last, after ploughing through ‘Come Closer’, Kane receives a huge reception from his audience, by this time in the palm of his hand, and the familiar ‘Mi-les’ chant rings around the arena followed by the ‘ah-ah-ah woah’ conclusion to the curtain closing song.

In short, keep your eye on Miles Kane as our fellow Wirral-er’s reputation is only going to grow. Bring on album number two.


  1. Rearrange
  2. Kingcrawler
  3. Better Left Invisible
  4. First Of My Kind
  5. My Fantasy
  6. Happenstance
  7. Le Responsible
  8. Quicksand
  9. Counting Down The Days
  10. Inhaler
  11. Come Closer

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One thought on “Live: MILES KANE Sets V Festival Ablaze!

  1. Cracking site going on here guys! Following you on Twitter! Love you to have a little glance at our boys 4 new tracks up now on Soundcloud .. Recorded at Liverpools Parr Street Studious. Looking forward to all the new stuff your putting online. @gaffology Best regards Mick Gaffney

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