Review: TOY – “TOY”

Stream the brand new album HERE.

Let it be said that one of the most fashionable forms of guitar music at the moment is psychedelic rock. The Horrors grew to represent that sound within their third release ‘Skying’ and more recently, Richard Hawley embarked on a similar sound in 2012 with ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’. TOY have done the same. They have established themselves to have a popular sound on the live circuit with impressive slots at Reading & Leeds, Latitude, Bestival and supporting The Horrors. Much comparison can be drawn between TOY and The Horrors who incidentally are also good friends.

Three of the five members of the London based band are former members of Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong who have embarked on a new career, which in our opinion is going to be nothing but successful.

The impressive first single they released in 2011 ‘Left Myself Behind‘ was limited to 100 pressings which remarkably sold out in a day which we believe, has set the stall out for the band and their album will be just as successful. Having garnered much deserved hype from NME and other critics alike, the bands latest single (released today, 3rd September) has been a very popular selection within our Track Of The Day catalogue.

The album itself opens with the irrepressible ‘Colour’s Running Out’. The distortion pedals are out, the riff is as contagiously infective as chicken pocks and the vocals drift in and out of the track with consummate ease. ‘Colour’s Running Out’ sets out the stall for the rest of the album and sets you up for a moody yet sparkly outing. Think dim lights and leather jackets with sequin trousers and you will truly comprehend what this record is about.

Mesmeric track ‘Dead And Gone’ is another of the strongest offerings on the album. It’s a 7 and a half minute epic track which unfortunately completely flies by when you listen to it. As we have done over the past week or so, you’ll lose a lot of your life to this track as you will listen to it again and again. The track itself is the epitome of simplicity, yet completely entrancing. For the large part its dark and moody, it’s black, until five minutes in where it explodes into an outro of an ocean of colour and rainbows.

Recent single ‘Lose My Way’ is also an album highlight and displays a softer side of emotion, as does the distorted sounding ‘Make It Mine’.

However, as the saying goes, the best is saved until last. Curtain closer ‘Kopter’ is a NINE MINUTE long song. But don’t let this put you off, it’s a full on explosion of sound that will leave you wanting more from one of the best things to come out of 2012.

The View From The Music is9/10 – On a personal level, you’ve waited all your life for this record. Sure comparisons with The Horrors are going to follow TOY around for a long time but they have an astute, share worthy sound that will see them become one of indie-rocks greatest exports for years to come.


Heavenly Records

10th September 2012

Double LP/ CD/ Digital Download



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