Top 5 Humbug-Era Tracks From Arctic Monkeys

Three years go this week, one of our favourite albums of all time was released. Humbug. So we thought that there would be nothing better than unveiling to you, our favourite songs from that ‘twisted and deranged’ Arctic Monkeys era.

5. Don’t Forget Whose Legs You’re On

4. Secret Door

3. Catapult

2. Crying Lightning

1. Dance Little Liar


Invitation To The Voyage – Have Your Say!

Invitation Of The Voyage by Eugene McGuinness has officially been released! If you haven’t heard the album, where have you been?! You can stream it here and read our review there!

But, we want you to have your say! Leave a comment below (after the advert jump!) and let us know what you like about the album, what you don’t, stand-out tracks, literally anything! (We don’t really want to know what you had for tea last night though)


High Five!

In no particular order, here’s some of our favourite tracks that we’ve discovered recently:

Tie One On – If You Want My Love

Having recently embarked on Tie One On through the track F.E.A.R. we’ve discovered that we really enjoy the blues. Tie One On produce such an original sound that is accessible to a vast audience and listening to them, really makes you want to pick up a guitar and join in!

Sub Couple – Sub Stomp

Everyone loves a bit of rock’n’roll don’t they? Of course! How about with a bit of psychedelic edge? Then look no further, Sub Couple are the ones for you. We’re looking forward to seeing them live in the future, we’ll bet you five that they put on an unmissable show!

The Verdict – Days Are Speed

The quicker ones amongst you will know that we have already featured this track through our Track Of The Day feature. Why feature it again you ask? Well just sit back and listen, you’ll understand!

The North – Shotgun Lover

It is imperative that you listen to this track. It’s down and dirty and ready for business. The band, hailing from Chesterfield have just released their EP which we fully recommend you download form Sound Cloud right now!

Euphoria Audio – Gravity

Euphoria Audio are one of those bands that can only go from strength to strength, look at them! They sound excellent, have a loyal mass following and shoot videos like this. It won’t long before these lads swap living in Yorkshire for penthouse apartments in New York.

Image appears courtesy  of Euphoria Audio and

Manchester: Music City

Following on from the success of our Sheffield: Music City feature, our Top 5 Arctic Monkeys and Pulp tracks, we thought we’d bring you another feature on another city steeped in music history, Manchester. For many people, Manchester is THE music city due to the success and popularity of indie giants Oasis, The Smiths and Joy Division to name just a few. The recent Stone Roses reunion has also established them as one of the greatest bands of the generation.

Oasis formed in 1991 with Liam Gallagher firmly at the helm who then invited older brother Noel into the fray. The band went on to have eight UK number one singles, eight UK number one albums and win a hat-full of NME, Q, Brit and MTV awards. The band released their record-setting debut album Definitely Maybe in 1994 which featured cornerstone singles such as ‘Supersonic’, ‘Live Forever’ and View From The Music favourite, ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’. Riding on the coat-tails of success was Oasis proceeding album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? which safely established the band as one of Britain’s finest and also sparked their rivalry with fellow Brit-pop stars Blur. The album itself could easily make up any authors lists of top tracks with the iconic anthems of ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Champagne Supernova’ and the rock and roll foot-tapping, head-nodding epic of ‘Roll With It’. The sing-a-long festival exploder ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ also features on the album.

Following a slightly weaker transitional period over the 2000’s the band resurged in popularity in around 2005 until 2009 when the band, to the dismay and disappointment of the masses called it a day after Noel left the band following another dispute with Liam.

Cult indie giants The Smiths also hail from Manchester. Despite never garnering the kind of critical success Oasis did, the band are held very close to many people’s hearts. The band formed in 1982 and broke up just five years later in 1987. However, the band created some of the most well known, instantly recognisable melancholic indie pop that the music business has ever seen. It is largely Morrisey’s yearning vocals and Marr’s strumming skills that make the band as memorable as they are. With popular songs such as ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’, ‘Please Let Me’ and ‘This Charming Man’ still receiving airplay, it is surely only a matter of time until the band reunite for their baying audience.

The future of Manchester’s music scene is also set to be safe with the arrival of the Mutineers. The band are currently serving as something of a ‘best kept secret’, which in our opinion will not last for long as the band are due their shot at the big time! We recently reviewed their album, check it out here.

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Top 5 Pulp Tracks

Following on from our Sheffield: Music City feature and our favourite Arctic Monkeys tracks, here’s a selection of our favourite Pulp numbers, agree or disagree? Comment below or on the Twitter page!

5. Sheffield: Sex City

You might have missed this one as it was only released as a b-side to ‘Babies’. It’s eight minutes long and explicit in nature. Make sure you give it a listen.

4. The Fear

Serving as the opener to what we believe is Pulp’s dark album ‘This Is Hardcore’. The opening track ‘The Fear’ really sets the stall out for the rest of the album, it’s dark, it’s haunting and it’s mysterious. We believe that the album is Pulp’s best offering.

3. Do You Remember The FIrst Time?

We think that this is always going to make it into any kind of Pulp top track listing. It is plainly one of their finer tunes and helped the Britpop ensemble into the spotlight with album ‘His’n’Hers’. It’s a treat and one that will definitely get your hips shaking in a Cocker-esque fashion.

2. Common People

This is THE song. It’s a must for any collection. Many would rank it as Pulp’s best effort because of it’s mainstream success but we believe that there is better…

1. This Is Hardcore

YES. It’s the title track off of our favourite album. It’s slick, it’s down right sexy and has more cheek than a nudist convention. For us, this song is symbolic of everything we love about Pulp, check it out!

Pulp have just announced a homecoming gig on December the 8th at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena, you should definitely go!

Next week we’ll be taking a look at the music of Manchester!


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Top 5 Arctic Monkeys Tracks

To celebrate our ‘Sheffield: Music City’ feature, we thought we’d bring you a run through of our favourite tracks from your favourite band from Sheffield. Agree or disagree? Leave a comment below!

5. R U Mine?

Although this is the latest release form the band, it is without doubt one of their finest, maturest rock’n’roll effort and will be a sure fire favourite when the band return to the UK to tour. Recorded in Sheffield with producer Ross Orton, it demonstrates how far the band have come in just four studio albums.

4. Fright Lined Dining Room

Despite this only being a b-side to Cornerstone, we believe this is one of Arctic Monkeys finer efforts and sums up the ‘era were they went west’. The band went out to the desert with Josh Homme to record third record ‘Humbug’, which you can read our review here.

3. Brianstorm

Following the acclaim that debut ‘Whatever people Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ received, the band had a point to prove. This point was the swift release of second album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ and lead single ‘Brianstorm’. ‘Brianstorm’ is a thunderous track which blew away any doubt that Arctic Monkeys might have been one album wonders.

2. 505

Taken from the same album as ‘Brianstorm’, ‘505’ serves as a bookend to that thunderous opener. It shows off the crooner side to lead singer Alex Turner that we have grown accustomed to and serves to tell a story of love and separation whilst out on the road. Since its release, it has become one of the Monkeys most iconic tracks and closes most of the bands sets. If the track was aimed at someone, they surely must have melted when they heard it!

1. A Certain Romance

This is one of those unmistakable indie anthems. Released as the album closer to that famous debut record, the song charts a relationship between friends that can become strained at times but fundamentally remains unbreakable. ‘A Certain Romance’ is steeped in Alex Turner’s outlook of Sheffield life and is an iconic anthem for the city.

We’ll bring you our favourite PULP tracks shortly!

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