Live: MILES KANE Sets V Festival Ablaze!

Following the split of The Rascals in August 2009, Miles Kane has embarked on what can only be described as an astonishing solo career. Granted, the fame and attention Kane received as one half of The Last Shadow Puppets has helped but over the last 18 months, he has really gained his own identity. He released a very solid debut album in ‘Colour Of The Trap’ and has backed it up with a maturer accomplished single in ‘First Of My Kind’. For Miles Kane, the sky is the limit.

One of the most attractive aspects of Kane’s solo career, apart from his jeans, is his live show. From seeing him perform with The Rascals back in 2009, to his tiny introductory show at the Monto Water Rats in November 2010 through to his massive headline shows and colossal festival slots all around Europe, Kane has never let us down. Guaranteed to put a huge grin on your face and make you sing along until you can’t feel your vocal chords, time spent going to see him perform is time well spent. And the same can be said about his performance at V Festival.

Entering the stage with the usual spring in his step and opening with the mod-pop-tastic riff laden ‘Rearrange’, the crowd knows it’s in for a treat! Blazing through the song, Kane encourages the crowd to get involved with the ‘Let It Outs’ that precede the huge belting chorus. ‘Kingcrawler’ is met with a similar bouncing mentality as the crowd joins in with the chanting before Kane and his band let rip with the foot stomping love cover up ‘Better Left Invisible’. Before the latest trumpet clad single ‘First Of My Kind’, Kane claimed he was ‘very excited to be here’ but with his unparalleled optimism and enthusiasm, isn’t he excited to be everywhere?

After gliding through ‘My Fantasy’, the sexy ‘Happenstance’ and powering through the Jaques Dutronc classic ‘Le Responsible’ which incidentally, Kane has really made his own, the crowd launch into a frenzy with sing-a-long favourite ‘Quicksand’. Kane draws the set to a close with his first single ‘Inhaler’ which is met with mosh-pits and a large amount of bouncing and arm waving from the crowd. Arguably the best is saved until last, after ploughing through ‘Come Closer’, Kane receives a huge reception from his audience, by this time in the palm of his hand, and the familiar ‘Mi-les’ chant rings around the arena followed by the ‘ah-ah-ah woah’ conclusion to the curtain closing song.

In short, keep your eye on Miles Kane as our fellow Wirral-er’s reputation is only going to grow. Bring on album number two.


  1. Rearrange
  2. Kingcrawler
  3. Better Left Invisible
  4. First Of My Kind
  5. My Fantasy
  6. Happenstance
  7. Le Responsible
  8. Quicksand
  9. Counting Down The Days
  10. Inhaler
  11. Come Closer

And if you haven’t already, football fan or not, come join our Fantasy Football League! Come on, it’ll be a laugh and you might win something!


Eugene McGuinness Can Be Proud Of His Show In Camden

So last night was the fourth time we’ve seen Eugene McGuinness in the current era, at the Barfly (Which now feels like way back when), at the Macbeth and his headline show at the Lexington. And if you’ve read our reviews beforehand you’ll understand how much we appreciate his live act because of its quality and consistency. Once again, last night did not disappoint. After racing half way across London from another gig to be there, the rushing, sweating and panting were all made worth it once Eugene and his band took to the stage. At the moment he’s on a bit of a whistle-stop ‘Invitational’ tour around London and this is the second show that he’s played since the release of his fantastic album Invitation To The Voyage.

Each time we’ve seen a live performance from Eugene McGuinness it is evident that he has grown in confidence and is very proud of the material he’s producing for us. The show kicked off with album opener (and one of our favourites) ‘Harlequinade’ which was voted by you as our Track Of The Week some time ago. After racing through one of his more rockier titles and lead single ‘Lion’ Eugene treated us to anthemic and atmospheric renditions of ‘Videogame’ and ‘Joshua’.

The hip-shaking ‘Sugarplum’ received an airing before the only “vintage” Eugene McGuinness track of the night, ‘Fonz’. Live regular ‘Dolphins Were Monkeys’ was also present – which we really want him to record!! – as it is an excellent rework of an Ian Brown tune which he makes his own. Familiar set closers, the groove train that is the ‘Thunderbolt’ struck us as well as being blown away by the bad-ass ‘Shotgun’.

The only downside to the show was that the shackles of time proved to be too heavy (Through no fault of Eugene’s of course!) and the show was short, but oh so sweet!

The Setlist:

  1. Harlequinade
  2. Lion
  3. Videogame
  4. Joshua
  5. Sugarplum
  6. Fonz
  7. Dolphins Were Monkeys
  8. Thunderbolt
  9. Shotgun

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Eugene McGuinness Invites Us To The Voyage At The Lexington

Last night at the Lexington in Islington, London, was the third time we’ve seen talented London singer-songwriter Eugene McGuinness and it was the third time he has blown us away. However, out of the three, this was his night, his big night! Having sold out the venue we expected Eugene to play a longer set than we have seen in the past to which he certainly did not disappoint. Playing a host of new material from eagerly anticipated new album ‘Invitation To The Voyage’ and dipping into his back catalogue too. The night could be summed up in one word, sweaty. The venue was hot, his baying audience were dancing and singing along to the familiar tracks and by the end, the walls were dripping.

Having almost run out of superlatives following our review of the show the The Macbeth, we’ll try to keep this one short!

Eugene himself acknowledged the fact that the audience might be unfamiliar with some of the tracks he and his band played during the set however, in our opinion this did not show. The audience thoroughly welcomed the new material with foot-tapping, head-nodding and shoulder-shaking. The set opened with a track called ‘Japanese Cars’ which is featured as the closer on the new album and it sounded excellent. Following in the footsteps of his similarly swaggering, experimental and delightfully poppy tunes, ‘Japanese Cars’ is definitely something to look forward to.

‘Harlequinade’ which was recently our viewers choice for Track Of The Week also received an airing, it’s brilliantly whitty with an anthemic chorus and is a sure fire treat when played live. Older yet still ever popular ‘Fonz’ was played before Eugene dipped back into ‘Invitation To The Voyage’ with ‘Videogame’ and ‘Joshua’. ‘Sugarplum’, is fast becoming one of our favourite live songs with its superbly catchy beat and delightful witticisms demonstrates everything we love about Eugene’s work in one song. The track could have come straight out of another decade and landed in this or vice versa. Eugene also played the vintage sounding ‘Those Old Black And White Movies Were True’ after claiming it was “time to shred” after reaching for his guitar. This was a real treat, it was beautiful, romantic and something that reminded us of Pulp’s ‘Bar Italia’ and we certainly hope it sticks!

The set was closed with a stalwart performance of the groove train that is ‘Thunderbolt’ and the bad-ass 60’s inspired ‘Shotgun’. Before leaving the stage Eugene and his band thanked the audience to which they received a rapturous applause. However, there was time for a small encore featuring pule racing, adrenaline pumping dance-a-thon, first single ‘Lion’.

This was Eugene McGuinness’ night, the night he and his act came of age and established themselves as one of the most powerful forces in the Brit-pop world for years to come.

To pre-order a signed copy of the new album ‘Invitation To The Voyage’ please visit here. Its out on the 6th August and we simply cannot wait. Stay tuned for our exclusive review!

The Full Setlist: 

  1. Japanese Cars
  2. Harlequinade
  3. Fonz
  4. Videogame
  5. Joshua
  6. Sugarplum
  7. Those Old Black And White Movies Were True
  8. Dolphins Were Monkeys
  9. Thunderbolt
  10. Shotgun
  11. Lion
Image courtesy of Domino Records

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The Wet Nuns Leave Our Black Heart Craving More

Two weeks into our existence and sometimes you might be left wondering what started this whole idea off, well to be honest the answer isn’t all that complicated. The fact is that the Wet Nuns themselves are part of the reason that inspired us to get The View From The Music up and running. Why? The simple fact is that we’ve been listening to the Wet Nuns since about the turn of the year, we’ve bought a T-Shirt and we bought their vinyl on Record Store Day but as much as we like them, we can’t bare to listen to ‘Heavens Below’ and ‘Throttle’ any more than we already have. We need some more fucking tunes. Basically. And hopefully, The View From The Music will encourage you to go out and download music, go to gigs buy their merch, get them noticed so that we can have a few more recordings!

The Wet Nuns have been to London a few times since we’ve been listening and for one reason or another we’ve ended up coming up with pathetic excuses as to why we haven’t been there. We finally took it upon ourselves to buy tickets for last night (£3, bargain!) at the Black Heart in Camden and as expected, the Sheffield two piece did not disappoint in the slightest. Despite us only ever hearing two tracks prior to the gig, it’s made us look forward to more. We thought that ‘7 Year Itch’ and ‘No Death’ particularly stood out alongside familiar tracks ‘Heavens Below’ and set closer ‘Throttle’. There was even time for the Yorkshire lads to show off a bit of their sense of humour by claiming they don’t talk much, which preceded them talking quite a lot and inviting the guests to jump in the back of the car at the end of the night for a Q and A session. And hopefully when we’re a bit more prepared, we’ll be able to have a pint and a proper chat with them ourselves.

We managed to catch the lads before their set to grab a hold of one of their 7 inchers (Their vinyls you dirty bugger) which they graffitied for us and will be the prize for our first ever competition. Details coming up over the next few days on how you can win your own little piece of history!

The night also provided support from Pants Nest and Godzilla Black who were equally entertaining and we’re going to do some digging into them to bring you some of their stuff!

The Wet Nuns Setlist as follows:

  1. 7 Year Itch
  2. Don’t Wanna See Your Face No More
  3.  All The Young Girls
  4.  No Death
  5. Heavens Below
  6. Laura
  7. Throttle.


Here’s ‘Heavens Below’:








“Double, Double Toil and Trouble” As Eugene McGuinness Brings His Act To The Macbeth

On Saturday night, London singer-songwriter brought his glowing act to the Macbeth, in Hoxton, London. The night also featured a number of new and up and coming musicians so a shout out to The Death Rays Of Ardilla, Filthy Boy and Coves for helping to put on a brilliant evening.

I cannot stress anymore, we are drooling over the prospect of Eugene McGuinness’ new album, ‘The Invitation to the Voyage’ which will be released on 6th of August in the UK on Domino Records. Having picked up his brilliance through stinting as Miles Kane’s guitarist, we haven’t been able to put him down! We’ve trawled through his back catalogue and we definitely recommend that you do the same! However, there seems to be something very different about this era, there seems to be a lot of well deserved hype.

Eugene is definitely one of the acts of 2012 to look out for, he’s going to be big, which is why we’re getting in there with his smaller gigs so that in ten years when he’s performing at massive venues, we can say we saw him in the beginning. If you’ve never seen Eugene McGuinness live, one of the most striking things about his performances (apart from his shirts and dance moves) is his voice. If you’re a fan, you’ll know how epic his vocals are. If you’ve seen him live, you can’t quite understand how he manages to reproduce those epic vocals time and time again, it’s astonishing.

The Macbeth show on Saturday night was no different. He opened the set with album opener ‘Harlequinade’ which has something quite brilliant within it, something that reminds us of Blur’s hit ‘Boys and Girls’. It’s definitely one we’re looking forward to having on our iPod. At this point, Eugene already had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Proceeding ‘Harlequinade’ we were presented with of the finest Brit-pop tunes to reach our ears in a long time in the shape of album lead single ‘Lion’. As usual this was greeted with foot tapping, head nodding, dancing and is simply a song that forces you to get moving and sing a long. To which the crowd at the Macbeth obliged with interest.

The set also featured another dip into the new album with ‘Videogame’. A song which he devoted to Miles Kane during a show at the Barfly in Camden back in March. The song ‘Fonz’, from his self titled debut album also received an airing as did a cover of Ian Brown’s ‘Dolphins Were Monkeys’. The set was then concluded with the familiar tunes ‘Thunderbolt’ and ‘Shotgun’, both of which received a rapturous reception from the audience who sung a long and danced the night away. Well done Eugene!

We’re very much looking forward to the release of ‘Invitation to the Voyage’ and will bring you a review of it here once we get a hold of it!

We’re also, with vague optimism, hoping to pin down the man himself for a chat very soon!

This is going to be a big year for the Eugene and we encourage you to make yourself a part of it!


The View From The Music.