REVIEW: Miles Kane – Don’t Forget Who You Are

dfwyaSince the inception of The Little Flames, a graduation as frontman of The Rascals in 2007 and the explosion of his solo debut record in 2011, Miles Kane has catapulted from Alex Turner’s fellow Last Shadow Puppet into an indie-rock superstar. Now in 2013, fresh from rubbing shoulders with the Mod-Father himself Paul Weller, Miles Kane’s latest offering has an insurgent maturity that will appeal to an eclectic audience of cult fans and radio listeners.

It’s a well known fact that an artists second record can be a lot more difficult than their first, but Kane’s Don’t Forget Who You Are has no such trouble. It’s a natural progression from 2011’s Colour Of The Trap and will have fans’ tongue’s wagging even more.

Collectively, the record has it’s outrageous bellow-the-chorus-at-the-top-of-your-voice moments as well as some deeper intimate moments that let us peer into the mind of Miles Kane. The lead single from the album that we were treated to back in February, Give Up, is angry and passionate as Miles reveals his disenchantment with dating super-models (A problem not many of us will have in our life time I’m sure). Album opener Taking Over is one of the standout tracks from the eleven song ensemble. It’s Miles Kane at his very best. Taking Over is catchy, infectious, charged with emotion and backed by some mesmerising riffs as well as colossal mid-song solo. Proceeding this is the pre-order bonus title track Don’t Forget Who You Are. This is truly one for the fans and has one of the biggest chorus’ you could ever imagine.

More intimate moments come in the form of Out Of Control as Miles can be heard crooning about the enigma of love backed with an acoustic guitar and these feelings are echoed within Fire In My Heart.

With Don’t Forget Who You Are, Miles Kane has accomplished a feel-good Saturday night album. You’re drinking with your mates, you’ve got your best clobber on, you’re ready to go out and party and the album is filling you with all of the anticipation and excitement of  the night ahead. And don’t forget, the more intimate moments of the album are there to pick you up on the Sunday morning.

Finally, just a note to mention how good Miles’ band mates are. The introduction of George Moran has proved instrumental considering his guitar work and backing vocals are both equally astute.

The View From The Music gives this album an 8.5/10

The album is out on Monday 3rd June, pre-order here.

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Review: TOY – “TOY”

Stream the brand new album HERE.

Let it be said that one of the most fashionable forms of guitar music at the moment is psychedelic rock. The Horrors grew to represent that sound within their third release ‘Skying’ and more recently, Richard Hawley embarked on a similar sound in 2012 with ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’. TOY have done the same. They have established themselves to have a popular sound on the live circuit with impressive slots at Reading & Leeds, Latitude, Bestival and supporting The Horrors. Much comparison can be drawn between TOY and The Horrors who incidentally are also good friends.

Three of the five members of the London based band are former members of Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong who have embarked on a new career, which in our opinion is going to be nothing but successful.

The impressive first single they released in 2011 ‘Left Myself Behind‘ was limited to 100 pressings which remarkably sold out in a day which we believe, has set the stall out for the band and their album will be just as successful. Having garnered much deserved hype from NME and other critics alike, the bands latest single (released today, 3rd September) has been a very popular selection within our Track Of The Day catalogue.

The album itself opens with the irrepressible ‘Colour’s Running Out’. The distortion pedals are out, the riff is as contagiously infective as chicken pocks and the vocals drift in and out of the track with consummate ease. ‘Colour’s Running Out’ sets out the stall for the rest of the album and sets you up for a moody yet sparkly outing. Think dim lights and leather jackets with sequin trousers and you will truly comprehend what this record is about.

Mesmeric track ‘Dead And Gone’ is another of the strongest offerings on the album. It’s a 7 and a half minute epic track which unfortunately completely flies by when you listen to it. As we have done over the past week or so, you’ll lose a lot of your life to this track as you will listen to it again and again. The track itself is the epitome of simplicity, yet completely entrancing. For the large part its dark and moody, it’s black, until five minutes in where it explodes into an outro of an ocean of colour and rainbows.

Recent single ‘Lose My Way’ is also an album highlight and displays a softer side of emotion, as does the distorted sounding ‘Make It Mine’.

However, as the saying goes, the best is saved until last. Curtain closer ‘Kopter’ is a NINE MINUTE long song. But don’t let this put you off, it’s a full on explosion of sound that will leave you wanting more from one of the best things to come out of 2012.

The View From The Music is9/10 – On a personal level, you’ve waited all your life for this record. Sure comparisons with The Horrors are going to follow TOY around for a long time but they have an astute, share worthy sound that will see them become one of indie-rocks greatest exports for years to come.


Heavenly Records

10th September 2012

Double LP/ CD/ Digital Download


Invitation To The Voyage – Have Your Say!

Invitation Of The Voyage by Eugene McGuinness has officially been released! If you haven’t heard the album, where have you been?! You can stream it here and read our review there!

But, we want you to have your say! Leave a comment below (after the advert jump!) and let us know what you like about the album, what you don’t, stand-out tracks, literally anything! (We don’t really want to know what you had for tea last night though)


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Classic Album Review: The Strokes – Is This It

The Strokes debut album ‘Is This It’ came out way back in 2001 and to this day is considered one of the greatest debut albums of all time and we would consider it somewhat genre defining. Renowned for its garage sound, the album has spawned many bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines to site it as a key influence within their music. The album was released on RCA Records and was met with a mass of critical acclaim, worldwide. Since then The Strokes have released 3 other successful albums and will hopefully continue to do so into the future!

Despite the album being pretty alternative compared to the music scene at the time, it burst onto the mainstream and The Strokes became one of the biggest bands in the world as a result.

‘Is This It’ is everything great about rock music in one album. Theres whining solo’s, bass-laden riffs, pounding drums and Julian Casablancas’ frighteningly sexy voice filled with attitude and emotion make this album an instant classic. There are moments were you want to dance around and sing-a-long like a person possessed like during cult hit ‘Last Nite’ and there are moments were you just want to grab the nearest person and give them a hug like during album opener ‘Is This It’. Lyrically, much akin to Arctic Monkeys debut ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’, the band sing about what it is like to live in the modern world through tracks such as ‘The Modern Age’ and ‘Barely Legal’ which talks about a girl that has just reached the age of consent.

Two tracks that we particularly enjoy off of the album, are the romantic and swooning ‘Someday’ that takes you on an emotional roller coaster itself by claiming that “we’ll miss the good old days” and reminisces about being young. Our other favourite is album closer ‘Take It Or Leave It’.

Despite the album being 11 years old, we are satisfied that it has the shelf life to please many a generation to come!

Did you know? – That in the North American version of the album the song ‘New York City Cops’, where Julian claims the NYPD “ain’t to smart”, was replaced after the 9/11 attacks because the band believed that the police performed well!

And a big thank you to Abigail for choosing this album for us to review, follow her on the Twitter @fiveohfive

The View From The Music… 9/10

Comments welcomed and appreciated!


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