What We Do


Welcome to The View From The Music; we bring you the best music you haven’t heard yet!

We cover everything from those bands that play in your local pub, straight through to those playing at the arenas.

We have news, views, reviews, features and anything else we can think of to keep you entertained and your ears happy!

Check out our ‘Contact Us’ page if you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you, whatever you’ve got to say!

Alternatively, we quite like Twitter so you can catch us their for some top banter and debate!

A couple of things we’ll point out, we’re not experts, we’re not qualified journalists and we don’t make money from this site – and as we’re students we’re generally broke. So we’d love it if you’d send us a couple of your tunes or invite us to a gig!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the site!


The View From The Music. XX


One thought on “What We Do

  1. Congrats, guys! It’s nice to see people trying to help bands and giving them the space they won’t get anywhere else. As I am an amateur jornalist, you can count on me for whatever you need.
    Good Luck!

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