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As you well know, we try our upmost to post a Track Of The Day, every single day. If you’re a band, a musician or anything and you’d like to be featured, PLEASE do get in touch!

If you’d like to invite us to a gig or out for a drink, we love a good pint, and a chat that would be great!

We are very poor though, students eh? So if we don’t come to a gig or buy your album straight away, we’re probably waiting for a pay cheque!

One final thing though, we don’t have the power that the NME has, so please don’t expect miracles over night, but we’ll keep plugging away for the cause!

Any comments on the site would also be very welcome!



The Twitter: @viewfrommusic


4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey Guys … Thanks for the support on twitter, very much appreciated. If you’d like to do a review of the EP or an interview with one of us (or all of us) would be awesome..

    Theory of Machines

  2. Yeah thanks, that would be brilliant!

    We’ve kind of been inundated with requests and we’re trying to keep up with everything but we will be in touch shortly because an interview would be great!

    Thanks xx

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